How do you manage customer-facing interfaces?

How do you manage customer-facing interfaces?

We have two types of interfaces that your customers access;

  1. RESTful web-services or APIs
  2. Download and License management pages

In most cases you’ll simply call an OMS web-service directly from your customer portal. Getting a single download file is one example.

However, there are times where you may choose to use the OMS SafeHarbor authored application pages for your customer-facing implementation. We have a highly refined and friendly user experience “out of the box” that handles the complexities of license management, subscriptions, account self-service, and many others. If you are pressed for time, or like the idea of utilizing tools that have been refined over decades of use and millions of customer interactions, you might want to try our GUIs.

Of course, we’ve designed them to easily work with your core site’s branding, templates, and style guides. The OMS tools will seamlessly work with your website’s look and feel.