Use OMS SafeHarbor’s Software Release Management tools to coordinate your first-customer-shipment process.


 Use OMS Entitlement Management software to make the connection between licensing, sales, subscriptions, and finance.


OMS SafeHarbor’s Electronic Software Delivery network extends to the farthest corners of the world. Fast and reliable software and license delivery.


OMS SafeHarbor’s data-visualization platform provides cutting-edge predictive analytics to help gain new insights into customer engagement.

Managing Software and License Entitlements

OMS SafeHarbor’s Entitlement Management platform gives you state of the art controls over the entitlement process for your software, licenses, and digital assets. Orders, subscriptions, support contracts, evaluation periods, bundled product and service agreements, are all being negotiated in finer and more precise details. Our platform calculates entitlement based on inputs from CRM systems, order management systems, ERP tools and application lifecycle management systems. The results are presented dynamically in a customer-facing Entitlement Center portal.

As well as managing entitlements, OMS SafeHarbor manages the electronic software downloads, update automation systems, license key generation tools that enforce your entitlement rules. Product access can be restricted with geo-fencing rules. Transactions can be checked in real time against whitelists, blacklists, and other export control databases to support your export compliance policies.

Using integrated download managers and our support of content delivery networks (CDNs), software and license delivery events can be recorded for audit, revenue recognition, and user experience management purposes.

If you are looking for a comprehensive entitlement management solution to support your software, license, and digital asset revenue streams, look no further than OMS SafeHarbor.

Electronic Software Delivery

OMS SafeHarbor’s enterprise-class ESD systems are designed as much around business processes, integration, and productivity as they are around the delivery of bits.


electronic software delivery


Our platform also delivers marketing intelligence, revenue recognition, support for regulatory and compliance issues, and cost savings.

The OMS SafeHarbor system provides an integrated solution for organizations which require ESD, release management, licensing, and entitlement management operations. The OMS platform solution can either be accessed via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) or can be licensed and deployed on-premise.

Our tools are based upon a service oriented architecture using standard integration web-services which are easy to create and maintain. This means migration to our platform, future enhancements, or business process changes are quick, inexpensive, and in your hands.

OMS can configure this system to use or enforce your own specific business rules and practices. This is especially valuable in companies where grow has been rapid and has been done through mergers and acquisitions. By migrating different groups into a common infrastructure over time new processes and practices can be built, streamlined and modified.

OMS has designed its applications within technology and business frameworks that can be enhanced with additional functionality. We work closely with industry partners and existing clients to understand not only the current business situation but the future of digital asset management, and how we can continue to provide competitive advanatges to our customers.



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OMS SafeHarbor Inc. is a privately held Massachusetts corporation founded in January 2000 to address the needs of high-tech enterprises dealing with electronic software distribution, release management, and licensing issues.

For almost two decades, OMS SafeHarbor has enabled technology companies to deliver software to customers. Advanced software distribution techniques, license management systems, export control services, reporting, and business analysis tools provide best in class solutions for our clients. OMS SafeHarbor consistently exceeds client expectations by increasing their customer satisfaction, decreasing software operations costs, and accelerating time-to-market.