OMS SafeHarbor Summer 2016 Internship

OMS SafeHarbor Summer 2016 Internship

OMS SafeHarbor Summer 2016 Internship

OMS SafeHarbor has an opportunity for an eight-week Summer Internship for interested Computer Science / Engineering applicants running from mid-June to mid-August 2016.

As a small, but mature, software company servicing multi-billion-dollar software companies this is a great opportunity for a qualified individual to get hands-on experience in a wide range of engineering activities.

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications

  1. Must be highly self-motivated
    1. this is the most important qualification
      1. OMS is actively developing products and supporting customers. We will provide the selected candidate with senior engineering support, but not “supervision”.
    2. projects during the internship will have individual deliverables. The deliverables will be integrated into OMS published software and internal operations, but the the core projects are not “group” coding. Internship projects have been modularized to into short, manageable “sprints” that expose you to a wide variety of responsibilities in a modern, nimble, software company.
  2. Willingness to ask questions and challenge “conventional” thinking
    1. The successful intern will not be shy about asking questions, or explaining the thought-process behind design choices.
    2. The projects you will be working on are actual needs of the business, so we’re all invested in your success. However, we haven’t done these things either! So we’ll be looking for you to take ownership of the outcomes and participate as an equal.
  3. Familiarity with modern programming tools and languages
    1. the languages are not as important as prior-experience solving problems
    2. ability to setup your own IDE and development platform
    3. Java, Javascript, app-server configuration, shell-scripting, code-management, unit-testing will be required in most/all of the projects over the course of the internship.
  4. Some familiarity with cloud-computing tools and concepts
    1. OMS uses a variety of cloud-based infrastructure for production, test, reporting and development operations.

If you are interested please submit a short introduction, a summary of your qualifications, to and we’ll get in touch.


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