Export Compliance

Export Compliance List-Checking Services

Integrate export compliance into your distribution process.software export compliance
Penalties and loss of export rights due to non-compliance can be devastating to your business. OMS SafeHarbor provides the tools and services to consolidate, track, and audit your compliance activities.
  • Utilizes geo-location Lookup
  • Runs consolidated denied parties checks instantly
  • Applies advanced fuzzy logic matching
  • Allows overrides
  • Works for software and physical distribution
  • Real time list maintenance
  • Documented API for transparent integration
  • Results,reports, and statistics for all transactions
  • Add your own data and blacklists

Supported lists

United Nations Security Council Sanction List
Denied Persons List
Embargoed Countries List USA and United Nations
Specially Designated Nationals
Entity List
Foreign Sanctions Evaders
Unverified List
Debarred List
Iran and Syria Nonproliferation Act
Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) List
Embargoed Countries
SIL (Da’esh) & Al-Qaida Sanction List  (1267, 1989, 2253 Sanctions List)
ITAR Debarred
List of Persons Identified as Blocked Solely Pursuant to Executive Order 13599
Non-SDN Iranian Sanctions Act List
Nonproliferation Sanctions
Part 561 List
Sectoral Sanctions Identification List
Unverified List