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  • This week at OMS 7/25/16

    By on July 26, 2016

    1. Modern dependency management for cloud-native apps 2. How CEOs Can Keep Their Analytics Programs from Being a Waste of Time

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  • This week at OMS 7/18/16

    By on July 19, 2016

    1.The IoT needs a defrag 2. Alphabet board member Diane Greene says Google warns customers of 4K state-sponsored cyber attacks...

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  • This week at OMS 7/11/16

    By on July 11, 2016

    1. HTTPS crypto’s days are numbered. Here’s how Google wants to save it 2. Data Infrastructure for Next-Gen Finance

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  • This week at OMS 7/5/16

    By on July 5, 2016

    1. Akamai: global average connection speed up 12 percent, bye bye IPv4 2. D3 4.0 released 3. An Introduction To Redux

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